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Celebrate World Vegetarian Day in Mexican Style with El Camion

Grab your greens, chuck your chicken and step away from the steak – today is World Vegetarian Day! And while we love a bit of animal flesh as much as the next person, we also offer some absolutely awesome options for those wanting to avoid meat.


The secret horror

Take our appetisers, for example. Tortilla chips go perfectly with our famous guacamole, pico de gallo and El Camion House salsa, or you can tuck into a quesadilla. These flour tortillas oozing with melted Monterey Jack cheese go perfectly with the mushroom and spinach filling, and are a number one hit every time. Fancy a taco platter? You’re wrong if you think it’s purely about the pork – with our selection you can also chow down on a black bean taco built just for you, that rival the stuff of any vegetarian restaurant in London. And our Jaladas are Jalepeno chillies filled with cream cheese that have then been coated in breadcrumbs. Known as ‘Poppers’, they’re a big hit whether you’re a veggie or a meat-eater.


As for your main course – why not try our seasonal Vegetable Burrito? A flour tortilla filled with Black or Pinto beans as well as home-made salsa and cheese with coriander, then this proves that vegetarian food can be tasty and very hearty. If something a bit lighter takes your fancy, then our classic Ensalada is baby spinach, Cos and Lamb’s lettuce, marinated tomato, sliced fennel and radish and home-made dressing. Is your mouth watering? It certainly should be.


Vegetables have always been an important part in the Mexican diet. When Europeans arrived in Mexico 1517, the food source of the indigenous people, including Aztecs and Mayans, consisted mainly of corn, beans, peppers, sweet potatoes and tomatoes. In fact, corn forms a central part of the Mexican diet for thousands of years. Just think of all those delicious tortillas used for, well, nearly everything. Hey – if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it. We’re still toasting the tortilla today, to great success!

And you know the best thing? Our tequila is 100% vegetarian friendly, meaning you can indulge in as many El Camion margaritas as you like.

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