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The Tahona Society Competition… we enter!

If there’s another group as passionate about tequila and cocktails as we are at El Camion, then it has to be the Tahona Society. These wonderful chaps are a global network of passionate bartenders, that “sets out to recognise and celebrate the ancient art of true Tequila production – the Tahona.”

We recently wrote about the Tahona stone, and the traditional process of managing the agave plants to produce the sweetest and most premium liquid for the spirits. The Tahona society aim to promote knowledge and understanding of that spirit we know and love so much – tequila. 

In fact, they recently held a competition to create a cocktail with Altos Tequila, and a few of our bartenders entered! The competition involved creating not only a cocktail but creating an ingredient as well and this had to be related to your home region. On the day the competition was broken down into a morning of training followed by a quiz and those that passed the quiz got on to the drinks stage. From El Camion, Josh got through to make his drink!

This is Josh and his drink… (loving the shirt)

We’ll be having an exclusive interview with Josh, all about his exotic looking libation (mmm), so watch this space, and if you see him when you pop in – ask him to make it!


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