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Come raise a toast to saints galore with us this week!



 We all know that the real start of the weekend is Thursday – and to add to the celebrations, El Camion is beginning a new series of events called Santos Del Jueves – which means Saints of Thursday for you non-Spanish speakers!

We’ll be regularly partnering with different spirits brands to bring attention to some of our favourite Mexican saints. For the first Santos del Jueves, we’ll be recognising Jesus Malverde. Known as the ‘angel of the poor’ and the ‘generous bandit’, Malverde was a Robin Hood figure, taking from the rich to give back to those who needed it most.


 Following his public execution in 1909 he was canonised as a saint and prayed to by the sick, poor and desperate in Mexico. He is also recognised as the patron saint of drug traffickers, who admire his outlaw spirit, and he even made an appearance on Breaking Bad!

Whether he is the Narco-saint, or the angel of the poor and sick, we’ll help you raise a glass to him with our special cocktail, ‘Mescaline’ made with Calle 23 tequila, Del Maguey Vida mezcal, ginger, agave syrup and lemon, served at a price not even Malverde himself could complain about!

Join us from 6pm this Saturday in The Pink Chihuahua for a continuation of our Saintly celebrations, this time honouring the one and only patron saint of Ireland, Saint Patrick! We will have shots of Jamesons and bottles of Guinness (what else!) available, or for those with a palate for Mexican alternatives, shots of Altos Reposado tequila and bottles of Loba (Mexican porter) – all at the saintly price of £4! Also grab a boilermaker of Irish or Mexican descent for just £7 all night!


Resident DJ: Son of Kong

It’s 11pm, you’re wandering around Soho wondering where to get another drink (wondering if you should get another drink… tip: you always should.) You see people queuing outside a brightly lit cantina, Baja-Californian tables inside still serving delicious tacos and quesadillas, while the hub of the activity seems to be happening in a basement bar where the DJ is spinning some very cool tunes…

Yep, The Pink Chihuahua has not only become legendary for its late-night tequila shenanigans, but also the DJs that play regularly. And one of these is Son of Kong.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 09.57.09
Son Of Kong cause a scene, break dance, slap bongos, dance-off, sing,
rap, blow saxophones and love to get a crowd involved in their
shenanigans. This bunch of cheeky East London musicians will always
have a room spinning in fun, sing-a-longs and dance routines. Which is exactly why we love them!

Take a listen here and catch them next time in the Pink Chihuahua!

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