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The El Camion Tequila Appreciation Society

Here at El Cam we believe tequila should be savoured and treated with a certain deference – it’s not all about the salt n’ lemon shots, you know! There are so many different varieties and nuances to this Mexican spirit that good tequila should be appreciated – and we’re here to help you do that. We sell over 80 different tequilas, and over 30 different mezcals. So next time you’re trying a new tequila, experiment with Part One of these Tasting Tips:




Tequila should be served in a clear glass so you can get a good view of the colour of your spirit. The best way to establish the true colour is by looking straight into the centre of the glass when it is held against something white. You can find out the tequila’s body by tilting the glass and seeing how it clings to the side, much as with tasting wine for its ‘legs’.


It is important to remember that sometimes Gold (Oro) Tequilas are artificially coloured with caramel colouring, while some of the finest aged Reposado, Añejo and Extra Añejo Tequilas acquire a golden colour from the wooden barrels in which they age.





Firstly, smell the tequila while the glass is still, to get a first impression. Next, gently swirl the liquid in the glass so that the aroma is enhanced by increased surface area. You can taste tequila from three different angles, and it’s important to use your sense of smell on each. See if you can recognise these scents:


  • Lower rim, closest to mouth: a vey strong scent of alcohol
  • The centre of the glass: spices, honey, vanilla, or any other ingredients that have been used to cure the barrel.
  • Inside rim, furthest from mouth: usually the most authentic smell, removed from the alcohol scent – try and notice the woody taste from the barrel.


So, has this encouraged you to come and try some new tequila?! It certainly makes us want to give more a go! Tune into the next El Camion blog on Friday to learn how to make the most of Touch and Taste