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Spotlight On: Tequila Arette

Every now and then we like to shine a spotlight onto a particular tequila. It’s almost as if reading our blog will help you transform into a tequila aficionado – and if it does, then we have done what we came here to do. The only condition is that you must make sure that you actually try the tequila we’re banging on about too. This week, we’re looking at Tequila Arette.




Arette is one of the team’s favourite tequilas because it is a superb tequila that doesn’t have a premium price tag to go with it. It’s not about the fancy schmancy bottle or the cool branding – it is literally all about the quality of the tequila.

Arette is made in “EL LLANO”, one of the oldest distilleries in the region, located in the splendid town of Tequila. It’s got the heritage to go with it too, as the distillery is operated by descendents of one of the most recognised families in the tequila Industry, the Orendain Brothers.

Here’s how it’s made:


So, what does it taste like?? Well, we recommend the Reposado variety, as it explosively flavoursome without being overpowering. That’s what you get when it’s made from water from the Tequila volcano. (Yes, really.)  It feels quite light and thin, and the initial tasting notes are earthy and floral. Overall mellow and sweet, it is nice mixed into a cocktail, but well-worth sipping straight.


Impress the bar team and ask for Arette. No slammin’ this delicate tipple!