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Olmeca Altos: A tequila for barmasters from barmasters

Olmeca Altos is a great tequila. You can almost taste the passion in it. That’s because it was created by two bar industry legends who absolutely adored tequila – Dre Masso and the late Henry Basent.


The two barmasters found a common love for the greatest spirit known to man and their favourite cocktail was the Margarita hands-down – so much so that they wrote a book together about it called Margarita Rocks.

After setting up the bar consultancy, Worldwide Cocktail Club, they embarked on various ventures together and their last major project was the creation and development of Olmeca Altos in 2009.

They both loved the Los Altos region, a special place located 2104 meters above sea level in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico, and they took countless groups there to show them where their tequila came from.


Made using the 500-year old Tahona method and distilled in copper-pot stills, Olmeca Altos has gone on to win countless awards for design and taste and has been recognised internationally, with its blanco and reposado tequila winning gold at both The Tequila Masters and the Beverage Testing Institute.

Our bartenders at El Camion dig Olmeca Altos because it’s a high-quality tequila that isn’t overpriced. The sleek yet rustic design stands out on the shelf and attracts attention at the bar, plus the design points for bartenders are evident – the neck of the bottle is nice and long, making it easier to pour and nice to handle.

And last, but not least, it’s bloody excellent in a margarita.



Read more about Olmeca Altos here

Spotlight on – Olmeca Altos Tequila

Here at El Camion, and in our Pink Chihuahua bar, we love a few cocktails. And what’s one of our favourite spirits to put into these creative concoctions? Yep – tequila!


Today we’re taking a look into the history of one of our favourite varieties – Olmeca Altos 100% agave tequila.

What: Altos Reposado Tequila – sweet and citric, with a robust yet pleasant body. Agave, vanilla and woody flavours make this an easy drinking, quality spirit.

Who: Los Altos 100% blue agave was the created from the partnership of Jesus Hernandez – Olmeca’s own Master Distiller – and internationally renowned UK bartenders Henry Besant and Dre Masso.

Where: Los Altos is 2014 meters above sea level, in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico. A combination of the mineral-rich, volcanic tierra roja and the unique microclimate mean that some of the highest quality blue Agave can be produced there – hence the super taste of Olemca Altos!

How: At the peak of maturity after 7-8 years of growth, the blue Agave plants are harvested by a team of jimadores, using skills passed down from generations. The leaves are chopped to reveal the pina at the heart of Agave, which removed the bitter tasting cogollos – hence the best flavour and highest quality. Traditional brick ovens are then used to slow cooked the pin as to bring out the naturally sweet, fruity agave notes. Then a traditional Tahona method that is over 500 years old is used – this is a process of crushing cooked pin as with a 2-tonne volcanic millstone to draw the sweet juice from the fibres. It is then distilled on small copper pot stills to produce the smoothest, finest tequila.

Best Enjoyed: With lots of friends, in an El Camion margarita!

Visit the website to learn more about Olmeca Altos Tequila here