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Beer and Mexican food – a perfect match at El Camion!

The weather is glorious in London at the moment and there is one thing that always accompanies the sunshine, aside from our blinding Hawaiian shirts, and that’s the hiss and crack of a beer bottle opening. What a great sound.

At El Camion, we’re known for our cocktails, but we love a nice cold one too when the occasion calls for it – and we all know that beer goes superbly well with Mexican food. Like with Indian food, beer complements bold flavours and spicy heat. And who are we to argue?

We’ve got a great selection of beers on our menu, plus the added option of having your beer Michelada or Chelada style. But we’ll get to that later.

A few of our beers…

Modelo Especial

Created in 1925 as Mexico’s first ‘model’ beer, Modelo has been a king in its own country for decades and has only recently been quietly gaining status worldwide. Now that people have found out about it, it has become America’s second most imported beer. We love it because it’s damn tasty – it’s a rich and full-flavoured pilsner beer, which is slightly sweet due to the premium two-row barley malt that it is brewed with. Perfect to sink whilst chomping on your nachos.


Alhambra Reserva

The Alhambra brewery is regarded as the leading craft brewery in Spain, and its Alhambra Reserva has won awards as an ultra premium lager. This is a natural, additive-free beer, which benefits from low-carbonation, making it a perfect accompaniment to food. Alhambra’s rich, deep flavours and caramel finish makes it a great match with meaty dishes, particularly beef. That beef burrito is looking rather lonely by itself…


Cerveza Pacifico

Crafted in the Pacifico Brewery, in gorgeous Mazatlán in Mexico, Pacifico has been around since the early 1900s. It was a favourite with American surfers who took the beer back to the U.S. and it has been part of the Baja California lifestyle ever since. It is a light-tasting, clean lager that is extremely drinkable, matching well with all-types of food, particularly seafood. A match made in a coastal heaven with our grilled fish ensalada.’



Ask for your beer to be served Michelada in true Mexican style. This is when your beer is mixed with spices, including salsa inglesa (Worcestershire sauce), Maggie sauce, pepper, salt and hot sauce, and fresh lime juice, and is served with salt rim. The purpose of it is kind of the same as a Bloody Mary – it’s awesome on a hangover.



This is beer with lime juice, served with salt rim. Tastes like summer and gives you the pre- or post- drinking kick you need. Close your eyes and imagine you’re on the shores of Cancún.

Feeling Hot, Hot, (Hot Sauce)

We all know what it’s like heading to your local Mexican restaurant for dinner. There are a few things that are pretty much guaranteed – there will be food envy from the person who ordered salad not fajitas; someone will drink too many margaritas and slump into a tequila-coma in the corner; you’ll be fighting for the last guacamole-laden nacho. And also at least two people are going to have a Scoville Sauce-Off.

Chilli saw-ce


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