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Christmas in Mexico at El Camion!

Christmas celebrations in Mexico kicked off yesterday on 12th December and run all the way until 6th January, so we are officially in party mode here at El Camion!

Our friends across the pond will be getting the nacimiento out of their lofts and dusting off the life-size (yes, life-size) nativity figurines, ready to recreate the manger scene in, sometimes, a whole room in their house! That kind of effort is worth toasting to.

We probably won’t be creating our own life-size nacimiento due to most of our space being taken up by Christmas parties (take a look at our menu – you might like what you see) but we can kind of get involved with the tradition of the posada… This where people go around knocking on doors to be let inside and they are continually turned away until they go to the last house, where they are let inside and a party ensues!


So, what does an El Camion party look like at Christmas? Well, mostly tequila-shaped (with a tequila cabinet like ours, it would be rude not to) with lots of tasty Mexican dishes and cocktails. Our £30 Christmas menu option includes a Tommy’s Margarita upon arrival and some snackage in the form of tortilla chips and our awesome house salsa, followed by a three course feast of nachos, quesadillas, burritos, tostadas or tacos. No dry turkey in sight! We also have just two or three course options available minus the margarita.


If you fancy partying Mexicano style this Christmas then please enquire with our team on 020 7734 7711, get us on Facebook or send us a tweet @elcamion_soho. We do have limited spaces though and at the moment earlier in the week works best for us. Just fancy a Christmas tipple? We’ve got cocktails galore in our famous Pink Chihuahua Bar. A food order is not necessary but when you see our late nite menu it might be irresistible.

Enjoy your festive party season chicos e chicas!


Feeling Hot, Hot, (Hot Sauce)

We all know what it’s like heading to your local Mexican restaurant for dinner. There are a few things that are pretty much guaranteed – there will be food envy from the person who ordered salad not fajitas; someone will drink too many margaritas and slump into a tequila-coma in the corner; you’ll be fighting for the last guacamole-laden nacho. And also at least two people are going to have a Scoville Sauce-Off.

Chilli saw-ce


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