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Resident DJ: Bamboo

Along with the cocktails, the bar team and the general legendary-ness of our basement bar, it’s the music that makes The Pink Chihuahua so goddamn awesome. Our resident DJs play a huge hand in creating the atmosphere and, because of their unearthly, near-psychic skills, they always know exactly what we’re going to want to hear on any night of the week.


For those who regularly come down to see us on a Friday night, you’ll be familiar with our long-time Friday resident, Bamboo.


Bamboo DJ


Flying the banner for the best in disco, funk, hip hop and house classics, she’ll often take you on a bit of a time travel in the time it takes you to drink your Tommy’s Margarita. From 60s ska to 90s R&B – and everything in between – you’ll get old school house and garage weaved between new age psychedelic dance. When there’s a contagious groove pulsing through the Pink Chihuahua, you’ll know that its Bamboo at the helm.


Check out her Soundcloud here – and we’ll see you on Friday!




Inside our new cocktail menu…

If you’re yet to try out our new cocktail menu in the Pink Chihuahua, then you’re in for a treat! Love tequila? Love classic cocktails? Love wanky bartender drinks? This is so your bag…


The new menu is based on the Dick and Jane books, the old children’s series, and pays homage, in a small way, to  our dear friend, Dick Bradsell.


If you love tequila, we’ve got a wonderful selection of our favourite tequila cocktails…

imageAnd you’ll also find a few of Dick’s most famous creations.



Then, of course, there are the drinks that we love making and drinking – even though they might be a bit… wanky.


Finally, if you’re here for the tequila, we’ve got a couple of pages dedicated to the ones we like best. We’ve also got a page of different mezcals if you’re feeling smoky and mysterious.


This is just a small peek into what we’ve got going on, so come and discover the rest for yourselves. So far, the Mezcal Sazerac has got the cocktail aficionados a little excited – why not start there if you’re looking for an exciting jumping off point?

Festive Memories!

January can be a weird month for some of us: we all feel poor, we all feel fat and we are all on a month-long hangover from December partying. And some of us, God forbid, are having a SOBER month (Dry January – ick) and the December debauchery is a distant memory.


As we use January as a time to ‘take stock’ and think about what the hell we’re going to do with a brand new year, we thought we’d look back at some pics of party season. Ah, there it is. Now we remember!


image image image image image


Now, we hope you feel suitably inspired again to fall off the wagon. See you shortly!



Day Of The Dead 2015

It’s almost that time of year again: the time where faces are painted as sugar skulls; where ghouls dance among us; where tequila rules the land of the living and the land of the dead… It’s almost time for DAY OF THE DEAD!

If you don’t know much about Day Of The Dead, read about it here. Basically, it’s a party-hard Mexican festival from 31st October to 2nd November that celebrates the time of the year when the veil between the worlds of the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and so the spirits of friends and relatives who have passed come and say hi and we all have a big blow out!

What you will need for Day Of The Dead

Colourful flowers for the hair, the clothes, the teeth, wherever

Face paint to decorate your face in the style of a sugar skull

A costume. Something that looks as though you were wearing it when you died in the 1800s.

Lots of Mexican food (we got you covered)

Muchos tequila (we’ve got that, too). How else are we going to celebrate with the ghouls?

Just so you know what to expect, here are a few photos from our past Day Of The Dead parties. Get ready!!!














Next Wednesday – September 16th – signals a very important date in the Mexican calendar. It is, after all, MEXICAN INDEPENDENCE DAY!

Now, there will no doubt be a few people thinking ‘hang on, wasn’t that back in May?’, but as we explained in a previous post, Cinco de Mayo is a very different thing.

Mexican Independence Day is celebrated on September 16th as, on this date back in 1810, the ‘Cry of Dolores’ (Grito de Dolores) was sounded from the small town of Dolores in Mexico.  This event marks the beginning of the Mexican War of Independence, where a priest named Hidalgo revolted against the Spanish Colonial Government.  Despite this, Mexico’s independence would not be effectively declared from Spain until September 28, 1821 – a decade later. This would become the Declaration of Independence of the Mexican Empire.


In foodie terms, the world also recognises this day as National Guacamole Day (well, why not?) So if you’re in Soho, then do pop in for a dose of the green stuff – and we’ll keep you updated on what offers we plan.


Saving Soho

We think it’s fantastic that Tim Arnold has shone a bright neon light onto one of London’s last remaining truly bohemian areas through his Save Soho campaign. Londoners are finally waking up to the realisation of what they might lose if the area continues to develop as it is.

Tim has enlisted the help of friends Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Fry to raise the profile of Save Soho and it has since grown bigger and bigger, attracting hoards of high-profile supporters, like Paloma Faith and Pete Townsend, who see Soho as a special place that is close to their hearts.

As a Soho independent, we know how special Soho is, and even in the last five years that we have dwelled on Brewer Street, we have seen it change fast. People flock to Soho because of its unique spirit, a spirit that inspires creativity in artists and musicians, and makes the rest of us feel at home.

El Camion is proudly part of a community in which we frequent each other’s establishments – we drink together, we dance together, we create together and we generally debauch together – and this is Soho!

Check out the good work that Tim and his pals are doing at

They even persuaded Boris Johnson to sing…

Let’s raise our glasses to Soho!!!

Spirits we are digging right now

Our bar team at El Camion are passionate about cocktails and are always making new creations, finding innovative ways to use the spirits at hand. Spirits fads come and go and the industry is always evolving, so that’s why the team are experimenting and creating non-stop; honing their craft in competitions and jumping on trends to see what’s hot and how they can play with it to keep the cocktail world fresh and exciting.

At the moment, these are just some of the spirits that the bar staff are loving right now (tequila is constant – that goes without saying):


Beefeater 24

The superb end result of a year and a half of constant experimenting, Beefeater 24 was launched in 2008 as the new luxury super-premium addition to the Beefeater Gin collection. It has been crafted by the world’s most experienced gin distiller, Master Distiller Desmond Payne, who had been curious about the potential of adding tea to the botanicals mix. After learning that the Burrough’s family roots had been in tea trade, Desmond ran with it and added Japanese Sencha and Chinese Green Tea to the steeping process. It turns out that the molecules in the tea fuse in unique way to other flavours, meaning it mixes beautifully and is awesome to make cocktails with.


imageVIDA San Luis Del Rio from Del Maguey

Del Maguey crafts a range of artisanal, organic mezcals, but VIDA is the one that has paved the way for mezcal in the industry, due to its incredibly versatile structure, making it highly mixable. Its accessibility makes it the bartenders choice and the flavour is fruit-led, without being too woody and overpowering. it has a long, soft finish, which brings a delicious spin to a margarita, when used in the place of tequila. Next time, ask for a mezcal margarita – it’s becoming a firm El Camion favourite.




Believe it or not, Jäger wasn’s just made to be a shot, especially not a warm and sticky one – like most of us have known it as. It’s actually a complex spirit made of 56 different ingredients, including roots, herbs and blossoms. Like most complex things, it takes a bit of understanding and attention, and Josh from our bar team has created an blended iced cocktail with a Jägermeister base, using cassis and mint, among other ingredients. It’s just one example of a backbar spirit begging to be used in a new and inventive way.

Happy mixing!

World Gin Day with Beefeater Gin!

There seems to be a International day for anything and everything these days. There is a Chocolate-Covered Cherries Day, a Toothache Day and a Step In A Puddle and Splash Your Friends Day.


However, Saturday 13th June 2015 is the seventh annual WORLD GIN DAY! Now, HERE is a day we can get on board with.

World gin day

Gin has come a long way since its roots in Holland in the Middle Ages as a medicinal product to treat gout and stomach complaints. It still can be used as an aid to treat conditions, such as heartache, sense of humour failure and lame parties, but usually nowadays it is to be enjoyed for leisure and with pleasure.

The house gin at El Camion is the mighty Beefeater London Dry Gin, which is the most globally awarded gin of the last 10 years. Ever since it won its first Gold Medal at the International Exhibition of 1873, it has won more awards than any other gin.


Why do we like it? It’s tasty!

We like it for a lot of reasons. First off, any gin that calls itself ‘London Dry Gin’ can actually be produced anywhere. Beefeater is the only major premium gin that is still distilled in London. It is handcrafted in its Kennington distillery, using the same recipe that James Burrough created in the 1800s. The recipe is THAT good!

Secondly, it’s got a great name. No, it doesn’t mean that James Burrough had an insatiable appetite for Picadillo Beef Burritos (although if he’d tasted one, he probably would have). The gin was named after the Beefeaters – the yeoman warders who have always stood watch at the Tower of London. This gin is London though and through. ‘Maybe it’s because I’m a Londoner?!’

And finally, it goes great in cocktails. It’s a crisp, clean gin with a well-balanced flavour, which comes from 100% natural botanicals, including juniper, coriander and citrus peels. Its light freshness mixes well without being too perfumed and overpowering and it still retains complexity that gives depth to a cocktail. Gimme that gin!


So, on World Gin Day this Saturday, we shall be partaking in the celebrations by mixing up a storm of gin cocktails using Beefeater and other favourite gins of ours, including Beefeater 24, Hendricks, Monkey 47, Plymouth, Portobello Road and Sipsmith. We just hope that Sunday 14th June 2015 is World Bed Day.


The Many Guises of the Espresso Martini

Waaaaay before a Vodka Red Bull sullied anyone’s lips, there was a cocktail in town that was the answer to flagging spirits at a party – and it was a whole lot sexier, too. Since Dick’s creation was born back in 1983, it has grown more popular than ever and you can get an Espresso Martini at a bar the world over.


This week, our busy Bea whipped up some Espresso Martinis live on air at Soho Radio to celebrate their first birthday party – as cocktail created in Soho for Soho, it was a more than apt celebratory tipple for them. And, after all of the tasty grub they consumed during their foodie special show, this will have been the perfect cocktail to perk everyone up, ready for the party ahead! (The party did go on until the early hours in the Pink Chihuahua, of which Bea and her Espresso Martinis take no responsibility for…)

The Espresso Martini was concocted for a 1980s vodka-swilling audience and was even originally called the Vodka Espresso, and later, as molecular gastronomy glinted on the horizon in the late 90s, Dick renamed it the Pharmaceutical Stimulant for the Pharmacy bar in Notting Hill.


Nowadays you can find loads of intriguing variations, including the Espresso Daiquiri, made with white rum instead of vodka, the Irish Espresso’tini, with Irish cream liqueur and vanilla vodka, and the Flying Frenchman, a fabulously head-spinning absinthe espresso martini. We also like the sound of the tequila-based Jalisco Espresso. After all, what is mixology if not for experimentation? (And a fair, fair bit of sampling in the process…!)

Happy Birthday Soho Radio!

This week our favourite radio station, Soho Radio, are celebrating their first birthday!! And we are delighted to be celebrating with them!

Over five days, Soho Radio are running a series of special shows, and yesterday saw their foodie special go out live on air: William Sitwell’s Biting Talk Vs Aldo Zilli’s After Service.

Soho Radio

The show featured a bevy of Soho’s finest foodie establishments, including Cinnamon Soho, House of Ho, Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Firezza Pizza, Blacklock, Cerviche Soho and many, many more! And, of course, El Camion were there to supply the cocktails!

Our very own Bea Bradsell took over the mic to describe live on air how we make our famous vodka-laced caffeine hit, the Espresso Martini (the secret’s out!), and then proceeded to whip up a couple for the party, followed by a few Galvanina cocktail specials!

Soho Radio

If you missed it, here’s the Espresso Martini recipe she revealed on air:

25ml Fresh Espresso (the stronger the better!)

15ml Kahlúa

10ml Tia Maria

50ml vodka

Shake and pour into two lovely and chilled martini glasses, et voilà!

If you’ve got Periscope, you can watch Bea live here:

Melt Room toasties were exactly the munch that was required after quaffing a few martinis, and everyone’s collective sweet tooth was satisfied with delicious gelato from Snowflake.

What a way to get the party going than to get Soho’s greatest foodies and drinkies all in one room together! And, of course, where do you think the after-party was? The Pink Chihuahua called and Soho listened…

Follow the rest of Soho Radio’s birthday antics on their Twitter page @sohoradio