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Day of the Dead Tonight at El Camion!

The time is upon us… The part of the year where the veil between the land of the living and the land of the dead is at its thinnest – and for this one night of the year, for one night only, it’s time to party with the ghostly ones!

Dia de los Muertos is really about honouring and celebrating dead friends and relatives by remembering them in a fun light and generally having a blast. We ain’t gonna say no to that! We hope you’ve got your costume sorted and your face-paints at the ready because we are about to share some Day of the Dead traditions with you to get you into the spirit of things.

1. Dress up

If we’re going to party with dead people, we’ve got to blend in. That means dressing in old costumes (and make some effort – it’s a party!), painting your face like a traditional Mexican sugar skull and wearing flowers in your hair.

2. Make noise

If the dead are going to wake up, you’re going to have to make some noise! Some people wear shells so that they make a sound when they dance, but we reckon if the music’s loud enough, it will do the job. Turn it up DJ!


3. Eat and drink well

Remember your loved ones’ favourite foods and drinks and consume them by the bucketload in their honour. This is a time for delicious food, cakes and sweets – and cocktails! Luckily we’ll have our fabulous selection tonight to choose from – and judging by our special fishbowl cocktails for tonight only, you won’t go dry.


4. Have a good time!

Dia de Los Muertos is a holiday for a reason – so eat, drink, give gifts and party! We’ll see you tonight!


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Day of the Dead at El Camion!

We are pretty renowned for our awesome Day of the Dead (Dia de Los Muertos) parties and can’t wait for this year’s one on Saturday 2nd November! Never celebrated Day of the Dead before? Let us tell you what you’ve been missing.

Day of the Dead is like Halloween – but way cooler. It is a Mexican holiday that takes place from 31st October to 2nd November and it is a time for people to get together and remember friends and family who have died. During this period the spirits of the deceased come down to party with their loved ones, and festivals and parades take place and graves are decorated with colourful flowers, traditional foods and gifts.

Shrine on!

Shrine on!

The Skull Thing

The sugar skull is a famous symbol of Mexican culture and its link to the Day of the Dead began thousands of years ago when people used to keep skulls as trophies to symbolise death and rebirth. Then, later on, when sugar became big business in Mexico, people started making sugar skulls as part of their Day of the Dead festivities.

Over the years the patterns and designs have got crazy and now loads of people display them all year round because they look wicked. People even have them tattooed on their bodies.

Hey you, I like the look of your skull

Hey you, I like the look of your skull


Our Day of the Dead party, historically, is the best outside of Mexico. Everyone dresses up, there’s free face-painting and we party like its our last day on earth with music from our resident DJs, the Cash Cows, and bucket-loads of tequila.

Come down and join us on 1st November and celebrate Day of the Dead with El Camion!

Party on!

Party on!