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Spice up your life – and lose pounds!

Well, it’s January. Bleak, cold, decoration-less January. For many of you this may mean the Health Kick – joining the gym, cutting back on the pork scratchings, and generally drinking most of your meals rather than eating them, courtesy of that new juicer you bought in the sales.


But wait! There’s hope on the horizon for all of you staring glumly at your dinner of lettuce leaves and hot lemon water. Because there’s one super food that should not be ignored, and it’s where we excel.

Hot red chili or chilli pepper

That’s right – chillies! Adding these heat-missiles to your food can help burn fat and give your weight loss a boost. Not only that, but they curb appetite, meaning if you munch something spicy there’s a chance you won’t eat as much. So, coming into El Camion and having a dollop of some of our spicy sauce on the side might help you fit into those skinny jeans.


Here’s the science bit. Capsaicin is the chemical that gives chillies their pungency, and it also stimulates a natural process of converting food into heat. This process is known as ‘diet-induced thermogenesis’, and helps burn up calories rather than have them hanging around on unwelcome bits like, say, the hips.


And how about starting the day with a Bloody Maria? Not only is tomato juice one of your five a day and low calorie, but having spice in the morning can help you opt for a lighter lunch. Good thing we’re starting a Sunday brunch menu soon – the perfect excuse to add a bit of heat early on!


So there we go. All of our food is freshly made, and we use quality ingredients, so whether you’re adding chilli sauce to a grilled chicken taco or having extra chilli slices in your grilled fish ensalada, then up the heat and burn some calories. You’ll have ditched the December paunch in no time!


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