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Weird places to drink great tequila

Who knew that in Disney World’s educational Epcot Theme Park in Orlando Florida lies one of America’s best tequila bars? Hmm, shooting tequila in a theme park for kids… is that wrong??


Wrong or not (definitely not) La Cava Del Tequila in the Mexican Pavillion, as crass as it might sound, has been deemed as a fantastic tequila haunt by agave fans the world over! It has over 100 tequilas on offer and a pretty decent selection of mezcals too.


Decorated with original Mexican artifacts, you can pretend you’re in a traditional hacienda whilst snacking on salsa, queso, and guacamole eats and working your way through the impressive speciality margarita menu. We don’t know about you but we’re pretty curious about the Avocado Margarita…

So, the moral of the story is – wherever you are in the world, there’s got to be some great tequila nearby. And what a find this is – especially if you’re ever stuck on a trip with kids at Disney World. ‘Go and play, kids… Uncle Tom will be waiting right here. All day.’

God bless you, Walt, for having a penchant for tequila.