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Spirits we are digging right now

Our bar team at El Camion are passionate about cocktails and are always making new creations, finding innovative ways to use the spirits at hand. Spirits fads come and go and the industry is always evolving, so that’s why the team are experimenting and creating non-stop; honing their craft in competitions and jumping on trends to see what’s hot and how they can play with it to keep the cocktail world fresh and exciting.

At the moment, these are just some of the spirits that the bar staff are loving right now (tequila is constant – that goes without saying):


Beefeater 24

The superb end result of a year and a half of constant experimenting, Beefeater 24 was launched in 2008 as the new luxury super-premium addition to the Beefeater Gin collection. It has been crafted by the world’s most experienced gin distiller, Master Distiller Desmond Payne, who had been curious about the potential of adding tea to the botanicals mix. After learning that the Burrough’s family roots had been in tea trade, Desmond ran with it and added Japanese Sencha and Chinese Green Tea to the steeping process. It turns out that the molecules in the tea fuse in unique way to other flavours, meaning it mixes beautifully and is awesome to make cocktails with.


imageVIDA San Luis Del Rio from Del Maguey

Del Maguey crafts a range of artisanal, organic mezcals, but VIDA is the one that has paved the way for mezcal in the industry, due to its incredibly versatile structure, making it highly mixable. Its accessibility makes it the bartenders choice and the flavour is fruit-led, without being too woody and overpowering. it has a long, soft finish, which brings a delicious spin to a margarita, when used in the place of tequila. Next time, ask for a mezcal margarita – it’s becoming a firm El Camion favourite.




Believe it or not, Jäger wasn’s just made to be a shot, especially not a warm and sticky one – like most of us have known it as. It’s actually a complex spirit made of 56 different ingredients, including roots, herbs and blossoms. Like most complex things, it takes a bit of understanding and attention, and Josh from our bar team has created an blended iced cocktail with a Jägermeister base, using cassis and mint, among other ingredients. It’s just one example of a backbar spirit begging to be used in a new and inventive way.

Happy mixing!

Chicken distilled Mezcal? Hell yes!

When scanning our Mezcal menu, your eyes might drift to the bottom and alight upon our Del Maguey Pechuga de Minero. Then you might do a double take. After all, this is our most premium Mezcal, priced at £18 per 25ml (trust us fans, it’s worth it).

But then they might do a triple take. Why? Because, on reading the description, you will see that, not only is it legendary, but the word ‘Pechuga’ means chicken breast. This is because of the chicken breast that is suspended inside the still in a basket of fruit during the third distillation.



Well, we thought this warranted a bit of El Camion fact-finding on your part. Apparently the tradition is centuries old, with Del Maguey’s variety dating back at least 75 years. Their mezcal is an infusion of wild mountain apples and plums, plantains, pineapples, almonds, and uncooked white rice, as well as that famous chicken breast. The meat is said to balance the fruit which, at one point, might have masked the taste of bland mezcals in times gone by. Now it’s a delicacy, and crafted from closely guarded family recipes.

However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that the spirit tastes of poultry. It simply adds a complexity to the flavour, with some tasters using the words umami and unctuous. Some say they can detect hints, almost like a stock or broth, but mainly it’s the fruit components, or the smokiness. The chicken breast is suspended by its ribcage so that the steam cooks through within minutes. Common belief holds that the chicken’s fat and proteins help soften the blow of the smoky mezcal.

So, as long as you’re not a veggie and want to experience an incredible mezcal, we’re the place to come. You need to try at least once!