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So, You’re a Fan of Hot Sauce?

If you’ve ever been to El Camion, there will have been one thing that wowed you upon entry (no, not just our fabulous-looking wait staff and bartenders). THE WALL OF HOT SAUCE. This wall, that confronts you as you walk into our restaurant, is more like a shrine to the sauce we like best – hot sauce.


It is a dedicated collection of hundreds of hot sauces from around the globe (we have around 350 to 400 in total – we stopped counting) that anyone is welcome to try on their burrito at any time. But what’s the big deal about hot sauce? Why do those who like it, LOVE it?

It’s slightly addictive if we’re honest. Not in a chemical MSG way, but because of what it does to your tastebuds. It’s sets them alight (sometimes literally), it sends your salivary glands into overdrive and it brightens and enlivens flavours – that’s why it’s so good with delicious Mexican food. And, of course, there’s the heat. Gotta get more of that heat!

Here’s a look at a few of the hot sauces on our wall. We could totally turn this into a game of Top Trumps.


Batch 37 Pain is Good Garlic Hot Sauce


‘There is a point where pleasure and pain intersect. Once the line is crossed, once Mo’s hot sauce touches your lips, there is no going back. His special blend of habanero peppers, carrots, garlic, lemon and lime will leave you addicted!’

This hot sauce is 100% natural. The verdict is that the garlic flavour adds a nice dimension, meaning that you don’t just taste fire.

Heat: HOT

You Can’t Handle This Hot Sauce


‘Designed to smell & taste great, while the extreme heat level allows your mouth to surf the big ones.’

Hidden beneath a black velveteen cloth, you get the feeling you are about to do something bad before you try this hot sauce. Sure, it might look and smell like BBQ, but it tastes like somewhere Satan lives. Seriously – one drop at a time.


Doc Holliday’s Feel Good Elixir


‘This elixir won’t cure anything but it will make you forget all your other pains and problems! No Preservatives or artificial heat enhancers. Use “Doc” for all your hot sauce needs, it is just what the Doctor ordered!’

It comes in a medicine bottle, so it’s good for you – right? Quite possibly… It’s got a southern-style barbecue flavour to it and it’s not going to burn the roof of your mouth off. It’s excellent with Mexican food flavours.



Hombre Loco Tequila Jalapeno Sauce


‘Hey Gringo, a leetle Jalapeno and a leetle tequila es good for you soul! This combination of fresh Jalapeno peppers & top shelf tequila delivers an unforgettable flavour sensation to any food.’

Tequila and jalapeños – sounds like a great match! It’s certainly tangy and will add a sharp kick of heat to your nachos.



Enjoy your hot sauce – make sure you let us know what you think!

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