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Saving Soho

We think it’s fantastic that Tim Arnold has shone a bright neon light onto one of London’s last remaining truly bohemian areas through his Save Soho campaign. Londoners are finally waking up to the realisation of what they might lose if the area continues to develop as it is.

Tim has enlisted the help of friends Benedict Cumberbatch and Stephen Fry to raise the profile of Save Soho and it has since grown bigger and bigger, attracting hoards of high-profile supporters, like Paloma Faith and Pete Townsend, who see Soho as a special place that is close to their hearts.

As a Soho independent, we know how special Soho is, and even in the last five years that we have dwelled on Brewer Street, we have seen it change fast. People flock to Soho because of its unique spirit, a spirit that inspires creativity in artists and musicians, and makes the rest of us feel at home.

El Camion is proudly part of a community in which we frequent each other’s establishments – we drink together, we dance together, we create together and we generally debauch together – and this is Soho!

Check out the good work that Tim and his pals are doing at

They even persuaded Boris Johnson to sing…

Let’s raise our glasses to Soho!!!

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