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Resident DJ: Son of Kong

It’s 11pm, you’re wandering around Soho wondering where to get another drink (wondering if you should get another drink… tip: you always should.) You see people queuing outside a brightly lit cantina, Baja-Californian tables inside still serving delicious tacos and quesadillas, while the hub of the activity seems to be happening in a basement bar where the DJ is spinning some very cool tunes…

Yep, The Pink Chihuahua has not only become legendary for its late-night tequila shenanigans, but also the DJs that play regularly. And one of these is Son of Kong.

Screen Shot 2017-07-08 at 09.57.09
Son Of Kong cause a scene, break dance, slap bongos, dance-off, sing,
rap, blow saxophones and love to get a crowd involved in their
shenanigans. This bunch of cheeky East London musicians will always
have a room spinning in fun, sing-a-longs and dance routines. Which is exactly why we love them!

Take a listen here and catch them next time in the Pink Chihuahua!

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