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Mexican Hangover Cures

The Mexican culture is a culture that knows how to party. Tequila, beers, cocktails… A great night mixing them all together can only spell one inevitable truth in the morning: La Cruda. Or, as we better know it, The Hangover.

However, as adept as Mexico is at partying, it is also adept at dealing with the carnage next day – this is a country that has learned from centuries of experience. Therefore, if you are going to search for a hangover cure, you’ve come to the right place. And most of them, if not all of them, involve food. There are worse medicines.

A tall glass of Clamato

Clamato is tomato juice with a touch of clam served in a tall, chilled glass with chilli powder and salt around the rim. Mixed with a beer, it’s even better.


A big, juicy, meaty swordfish steak will be the answer to your prayers on a hangover. We have a tasty grilled fish ensalada on the menu, which will be a welcome treat to your poor nutrition-deprived body.

Huevos with Nopales

Breakfast and a hangover cure all in one, this dish is basically scrambled eggs with nopales – Prickly Pear Cactus pads. Don’t worry, they are completely prickle-free and kind of look and taste a bit like green beans.

Torta Ahogada

This sandwich with carnitas (pork), refried beans and a spicy sauce is one of Mexico’s most famous hangover cures. Drop in for lunch and we can prepare our version for you: our pork carnitas wet burrito. This dish is also great when you are getting ready to party all over again.


If you can’t face food and want to climb safely back onto the wagon, what you need is horchata – sweet rice water with a hint of cinnamon, which will be heaven to your fire-pit of a stomach. Similarly, get us to whip up a Piña Colada for you sans alcohol – it does the same thing.


A very traditional and excellent hangover cure, this dish is a raw mix of shrimps, scallops, onions, cucumbers, chillies tossed in plenty of lemon or lime juice. Its in-your-face freshness will be just what the doctor ordered.


Tortilla chips, salsa, eggs, beans, cheese and cream all thrown together in a single dish is one of Mexico’s easiest and most popular hangover cures. If you don’t have the energy to make it yourself, our black bean and jalapeño nachos with plenty of salsa and cheese will do the same thing for you and taste amazing.


Finally, many believe that continuing to drink alcohol in the morning will help smooth things out. A small glass of beer with lime and salt could be the very thing to cure your ailments. And this kind of logic is why we dig Mexico so much. ¡Que viva Mexico!


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