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Mexicano Mariachi Style!


Mexico got style! If you’ve ever seen a Mariachi musician, it’s plain to see. Don’t know what we’re chatting about? If you watch Steve Martin’s 1986 smash, Three Amigos!, that might give you half a clue.

Although Steve and co brought the Mariachi costume to the masses on the silver screen, we’d advise not to rely too much on Three Amigos! to provide an understanding of Mariachi or indeed the Mexican culture at all (sorry Steve). Mariachi is actually a symbol of Mexican identity and plays a really important role in Mexico’s cultural history.


So, the word Mariachi can actually refer to the type of music, a musician of this music or a group of musicians who rock the house playing this music. Confused? Don’t be – just don your sombrero and groove along to this little number.

Now, that can’t fail to get you in the mood for dinner at El Camion. Order a Chicken Tinga Enchilda and sup on the best Margaritas in London, and get yourself some Mexican heat for this chilly October week ahead.


Interested in experiencing the joys of Mariachi for yourself? Have a gander on the to book the Beat Banditos or Mucho Mariachi (among other awesome Mariachi bands) or check out Pablo’s Mariachi band – Mariachi El Mexicano.

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