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Late Night Menu at El Camion!

You lucky things, you. Not only do we treat you to the best margaritas in town, the meanest tequila shots around AND the simple pleasure of being in a venue as cool as our Pink Chihuahua basement bar, BUT we are now feeding your peckish mouths until 2:30am!

No need to spill out onto the street at closing time and head towards the nearest food vendor serving whatever is left – we can actually hear your bodies thanking us. Here at El Camion, we think that late night food doesn’t have to be bad food and that great drinks and great food are meant to go together.

Tasty treats at El Camion

Introducing… our new and extended Late Nite Menu! From 11pm to 2:30am, we will be serving your favourite nibble, our crispy tortilla chips, with five different choices of salsa or with fresh guacamole. We can also whip up a quesadilla or two for you, with melted jack cheese and your choice of fillings from Chicken Tinga, Chorizo, Mushroom and Spinach and Pork Carnitas. We’ve also got the new addition of Spicy Chipotle Chicken Wings for a meaty treat to keep your hunger at bay.


For something a little more substantial, we’ll be cooking up burritos, tacos and, as of recently, nachos way into the night with our tasty fillings and toppings, ranging from Picadillo Beef, Chicken Tinga, Pork Carnitas and Black Bean (or Portobello Mushroom for the tacos). With all of this amazing grub available for longer, the night is your oyster! Plus, if you are that way inclined (a vegetarian), we can gladly and easily make everything veggie, and it will be just as tasty.

Burritos at El Camion

The Pink Chihuahua is a members club and entry is granted to members on a first come, first served basis. If you would like to become a member, just pop in to see us on Brewer Street.

Happy munching cocktail fans!

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