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Happy Birthday Soho Radio!

This week our favourite radio station, Soho Radio, are celebrating their first birthday!! And we are delighted to be celebrating with them!

Over five days, Soho Radio are running a series of special shows, and yesterday saw their foodie special go out live on air: William Sitwell’s Biting Talk Vs Aldo Zilli’s After Service.

Soho Radio

The show featured a bevy of Soho’s finest foodie establishments, including Cinnamon Soho, House of Ho, Rosa’s Thai Cafe, Firezza Pizza, Blacklock, Cerviche Soho and many, many more! And, of course, El Camion were there to supply the cocktails!

Our very own Bea Bradsell took over the mic to describe live on air how we make our famous vodka-laced caffeine hit, the Espresso Martini (the secret’s out!), and then proceeded to whip up a couple for the party, followed by a few Galvanina cocktail specials!

Soho Radio

If you missed it, here’s the Espresso Martini recipe she revealed on air:

25ml Fresh Espresso (the stronger the better!)

15ml Kahlúa

10ml Tia Maria

50ml vodka

Shake and pour into two lovely and chilled martini glasses, et voilà!

If you’ve got Periscope, you can watch Bea live here:

Melt Room toasties were exactly the munch that was required after quaffing a few martinis, and everyone’s collective sweet tooth was satisfied with delicious gelato from Snowflake.

What a way to get the party going than to get Soho’s greatest foodies and drinkies all in one room together! And, of course, where do you think the after-party was? The Pink Chihuahua called and Soho listened…

Follow the rest of Soho Radio’s birthday antics on their Twitter page @sohoradio

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