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Introducing the El Camion team – JOSH!

We’re a friendly bunch here at El Camion, and our bar team are some of the best on the scene. So we’ve decided to introduce you to some of the staff so, next time you pop in, you know more about who’s shaking up your cocktail!

This week we chat to Josh, who’s been working at El Camion since October.


What’s your best memory of working at El Camion so far?

There have been a fair few good memories already – going to the Altos competition for El Camion was awesome, and the Day of the Dead party was also really fun. It was just when I was starting out and we all got our faces painted like sugar skulls. Obviously it looked like everyone was wearing eye liner for the next couple of weeks because the make-up wouldn’t come off.

Ever serve anyone famous?

I haven’t personally served anyone famous that I’m aware of apart from The Cash Cows, although Nicole Scherzinger came in while I was working upstairs and I made some of the drinks for her table.

What was the first cocktail you ever learnt to make?

The first cocktail I ever learnt to make was either a Mojito or a Watermelon Martini. This was when I was working at Cuore bar and kitchen in Battersea, which has has now unfortunately closed.



What’s your favourite thing on the El Camion menu?

I always go for the Chicken Quesadilla although when I’m feeling rich i’ll go for the chorizo quesadilla instead.

What’s your failsafe hangover cure?

Coffee and a shower will usually put me straight but if I’m feeling really rough Thai curry is always my hail mary.

What gets you up and dancing on the Pink Chihuahua tables?

I’ll dance to anything drum and bassy, and Groove Armada’s Superstylin’ is always fun too.

What’s your favourite tequila on the menu?

I’ve recently been a lot more into my mezcals but Arette Reposado and Tapatio Blanco or 110 are great and won’t break the bank.

How hot can you handle it? (Hot Sauce, that is)

I have still been fortunate enough to not have been subjected to the Mad Dog sauce yet but I like to think I can at least handle habanero. Even if it does spice me out I’ll still enjoy it!

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