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On The Horizon… Tequila & Mezcal Fest 2015!

It’s on its way… TEQUILA & MEZCAL FEST 2015!

Last year we had such an awesome time at Tequila & Mezcal Fest and we were stoked to hear that the festival is returning this September in the new venue of Old Spitalfields Market.


There are many things we love about this festival (including the obvious: it’s all about tequila and mezcal, and we can drink it all day long without being quizzed…) but more than anything, for us, it’s about the ethos. It was born from one single objective: to educate people about how to consume tequila and mezcal.


Hey, guess what! It’s not about shooting it with lemon and salt and wooping about how much it burns! But you knew that already. What you might not know is how to pair tequila with food or the journey of tasting notes you might embark on from sipping an artisanal mezcal. Tequila & Mezcal Fest shows you all these things and more, including cocktail masterclasses and educational seminars.


Live music from a mariachi band, Mexican art and photography exhibitions and lip-smackingly good food will totally immerse you in Mexican culture – hell, you even have to pay for things with pesos! (There are places inside to exchange your English stirling for peso tokens – no need to pop off to the post office.)

With ambassadors like Tomas Estes (founder of the Pacifico Group and creator of Tequila Ocho) and El Camion’s very own Jon Anders Borchgrevink Fjeldsrud, who worked here with the brilliant Dick Bradsell, we tequila lovers are in extremely excellent hands.

Spread the word: it’s gonna be a ball, kids!





Yes, you did read the title correctly. There is indeed an actual museum purely for the celebration of Tequila and Mezcal. And it is, naturally, in Mexico.


The Museo del Tequila y del Mezcal is located in the Plaza Garibaldi – part of historic downtown Mexico City. The museum is a sign of the renewal of this area – oh yeah, and it’s also a FREAKIN’ GREAT IDEA FOR ALL AGAVE AFICIONADOS!

You see, tequila and mezcal are as intrinsic to the heritage and cultural identity of Mexico as, well, sombreros and mariachi bands. One simply can’t think of Mexico without thinking of awesome agave. After all, they’re the two most traditional drinks.

The museum is spread over two rooms, and there are exhibitions, talks, concerts, presentations of Mexican distillates, gastronomy, lectures and loads of other cultural events. One room is dedicated to tequila and mezcal, while the second celebrates and informs about the history of the Mariachi and Garibaldi Plaza.

And you know what else? We’re betting this place has the BEST gift shop in the world.


Spotlight on: Tequila Tapatio

One of the team’s favourite tequilas at the moment is Tapatio, a tequila that has gained something of a cult status in the US. People like it because it is an excellent blanco tequila for the price, with none of the harshness that you might associate with a cheaper tequila. This ain’t one for slammin’!


Tapatio is made by the Camarena Family at the ‘La Altena’ Distillery outside the town of Arandas in the highlands of Los Altos. This is where the best agave is grown. This hand-crafted tequila is made in the same way as it was a hundred years ago – the Tahona (a stone wheel) turns round and round in a pit, crushing the agave, before being mixed in a barrel by foot by a man up to his chest in agave juice and crushed agave fibres! It is then fermented and distilled, adding the agave fibres to the distillation. The tequila is left to settle in steel tanks for one month after distillation, and when it is finally ready it is so vibrant and bursting with flavour that it is almost like drinking it straight from the still.


Such freshness is rare in an affordable blanco tequila. It has a real peppery spiciness on the palate and an intense agave flavour, without the unpleasant burn. The finish is long and sweet – pretty complex for a blanco.

Try it in the simplest way – straight and sipped.

Fact: Tapatio is a Mexican word for a person from Guadalajara, the capital city of Jalisco.

Olmeca Altos: A tequila for barmasters from barmasters

Olmeca Altos is a great tequila. You can almost taste the passion in it. That’s because it was created by two bar industry legends who absolutely adored tequila – Dre Masso and the late Henry Basent.


The two barmasters found a common love for the greatest spirit known to man and their favourite cocktail was the Margarita hands-down – so much so that they wrote a book together about it called Margarita Rocks.

After setting up the bar consultancy, Worldwide Cocktail Club, they embarked on various ventures together and their last major project was the creation and development of Olmeca Altos in 2009.

They both loved the Los Altos region, a special place located 2104 meters above sea level in the western state of Jalisco in Mexico, and they took countless groups there to show them where their tequila came from.


Made using the 500-year old Tahona method and distilled in copper-pot stills, Olmeca Altos has gone on to win countless awards for design and taste and has been recognised internationally, with its blanco and reposado tequila winning gold at both The Tequila Masters and the Beverage Testing Institute.

Our bartenders at El Camion dig Olmeca Altos because it’s a high-quality tequila that isn’t overpriced. The sleek yet rustic design stands out on the shelf and attracts attention at the bar, plus the design points for bartenders are evident – the neck of the bottle is nice and long, making it easier to pour and nice to handle.

And last, but not least, it’s bloody excellent in a margarita.



Read more about Olmeca Altos here