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Exclusive Tasting Event with Yaguara Cachaça!

TOMORROW – join us for our fab tasting event with Yaguara Cachaça and Umbrella Brewing ginger beer in the Pink Chihuahua. There’s going to be a tasting at 7pm which is open to all, as well as a specials menu of cocktails for £5 each available all night.


‘Yaguara Cachaça is a very stylish Brazilian spirit that has been created under the watchful eye of master blender Erwin Weimann. It’s made using a blend of Cachaça, a portion of which has been aged in oak casks, as well as Cachaça that has been rested in stainless steel tanks. After blending, it’s then triple-filtered to remove the colour, meaning Yaguara is rich and flavoursome, but can still be used in cocktails without affecting the hue of the drink – rather handy for mixologists.’ (From Master of Malt)



Screen Shot 2018-02-26 at 15.58.45

Umbrella Brewing Company are an independent brewing company in North London, with a mission to create the best alcoholic ginger beer on the market. Their fiery alcoholic ginger beer has flavours of rich molasses supported by the perfect balance of sharp citrus and a subtle hint of malt. Gently carbonated and very refreshing.

See you there!

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The soundtrack to The Pink Chihuahua!

What more to get you in the mood for sunshine, margaritas and dancing late into the night than a soundtrack of latin beats?


Our DJ, Alex, has put put together a mix that represents the vibe of the Pink Chihuahua bar. We don’t know what it says to you, but it says to us… ‘CRACK OPEN THE TEQUILA!’




Screen Shot 2017-06-01 at 13.27.08

Inside our new cocktail menu…

If you’re yet to try out our new cocktail menu in the Pink Chihuahua, then you’re in for a treat! Love tequila? Love classic cocktails? Love wanky bartender drinks? This is so your bag…


The new menu is based on the Dick and Jane books, the old children’s series, and pays homage, in a small way, to  our dear friend, Dick Bradsell.


If you love tequila, we’ve got a wonderful selection of our favourite tequila cocktails…

imageAnd you’ll also find a few of Dick’s most famous creations.



Then, of course, there are the drinks that we love making and drinking – even though they might be a bit… wanky.


Finally, if you’re here for the tequila, we’ve got a couple of pages dedicated to the ones we like best. We’ve also got a page of different mezcals if you’re feeling smoky and mysterious.


This is just a small peek into what we’ve got going on, so come and discover the rest for yourselves. So far, the Mezcal Sazerac has got the cocktail aficionados a little excited – why not start there if you’re looking for an exciting jumping off point?

Membership at the Pink Chihuahua!

We all know what the hottest ticket in town is – everyone wants to get their greasy mitts on one. But we don’t give them to just anyone, and that’s why anyone who’s anyone really wants one and sometimes can’t get one… We’re talking about a Pink Chihuahua Membership card, obvs!


Our legendary little basement bar on Brewer Street, The Pink Chihuahua, has seen many, many things. It’s seen the King of Cocktails, Dick Bradsell, shake up his crazy concoctions and create new ones for the cocktail history books, it’s seen the bartenders of Soho convene after hours and lose track of time one too many times and it’s seen many a birthday group dance on tables to The Cash Cows until the dawn. It’s a special little place.


Here’s the rub. We’ve got to keep it special. We can’t let any Tom, Dick or Harriet in – not until we get to know them, of course. The Pink Chihuahua also only has a capacity of 50 people, so there’s that too. So, we ask that if you’d like to become a member of The Pink Chihuahua (we’d LOVE you to become a member) please fill in the application form online and we’ll invite you in to say hey, how’s it going? We’ll then issue you with a membership card, which you may use to sign in one other person. If it’s more than that, they’ll have to become members too! If you’ve got a special occasion coming up and would like to book a table for a group of you, please email us at

You can apply to become a member here.

Remember, it is an application only.

We hope you can join us for Pink Chihuahua fun soon!


Dr Pink Chihuahua Answers… Why Do I Get Hangxiety?


We’ve all woken up from a night in Soho with a fuzzy brain, drilling sensation between the ears, and mouth that’s as dry as three day old toast left in the corner of Brewer Street Car Park in a heatwave. During those hazy few hours while we’re tossing and turning in bed, half-consdiering joining the real world, many questions will pass through our minds. And while some questions can never be answered (such as why you’ve returned home minus your shoes but with two sparkly cowboy hats), Doctor Pink Chihuahua is on hand to answer some of the most pressing. This week….

Why do I get hangover paranoia after I’ve been drinking?

You know the feeling – you come to after a big night on the tequila – sometimes slowly, sometimes sitting bolt upright in bed – and you have an overwhelming feeling of terror about what we’ve said and done the night before. Did you insult someone? Send a dodgy text message? Expose yourself in some charmless way? Even if there is no evidence that you’ve sullied your name and reputation, sometimes the feeling can follow us around all day, and ‘The Fear’ is fast becoming a real FWP (First World Problem).

So why do we get this awful suffocating feeling? According to the…

“Alcohol both quells and heightens anxiety because of its effects on the central nervous system. Initially, drinking elicits a feeling of euphoria as the alcohol stimulates the release of serotonin. The consequence is a sedated and relaxed state; similar to one induced by anti-anxiety medication. However, once the alcohol leaves our bodies the serotonin depletes, provoking the onset of Hangxiety.”

And have you noticed that, as you get older, these feelings are increasing? This is entirely likely – older people are more susceptible to Hangxiety because they metabolise alcohol faster. And unfortunately there’s no cure, short of the usual – drink water in between drinks, pace yourself, and maybe don’t have that Jaeger at 4am ‘as a nightcap’. What we recommend? Taking photos with your mates during a night out – that way you can look back on the hilarity that ensued and lift your mood slightly, safe in the knowledge that you weren’t the only one plastered on a Wednesday night…

Introducing the El Camion team – JOSH!

We’re a friendly bunch here at El Camion, and our bar team are some of the best on the scene. So we’ve decided to introduce you to some of the staff so, next time you pop in, you know more about who’s shaking up your cocktail!

This week we chat to Josh, who’s been working at El Camion since October.


What’s your best memory of working at El Camion so far?

There have been a fair few good memories already – going to the Altos competition for El Camion was awesome, and the Day of the Dead party was also really fun. It was just when I was starting out and we all got our faces painted like sugar skulls. Obviously it looked like everyone was wearing eye liner for the next couple of weeks because the make-up wouldn’t come off.

Ever serve anyone famous?

I haven’t personally served anyone famous that I’m aware of apart from The Cash Cows, although Nicole Scherzinger came in while I was working upstairs and I made some of the drinks for her table.

What was the first cocktail you ever learnt to make?

The first cocktail I ever learnt to make was either a Mojito or a Watermelon Martini. This was when I was working at Cuore bar and kitchen in Battersea, which has has now unfortunately closed.



What’s your favourite thing on the El Camion menu?

I always go for the Chicken Quesadilla although when I’m feeling rich i’ll go for the chorizo quesadilla instead.

What’s your failsafe hangover cure?

Coffee and a shower will usually put me straight but if I’m feeling really rough Thai curry is always my hail mary.

What gets you up and dancing on the Pink Chihuahua tables?

I’ll dance to anything drum and bassy, and Groove Armada’s Superstylin’ is always fun too.

What’s your favourite tequila on the menu?

I’ve recently been a lot more into my mezcals but Arette Reposado and Tapatio Blanco or 110 are great and won’t break the bank.

How hot can you handle it? (Hot Sauce, that is)

I have still been fortunate enough to not have been subjected to the Mad Dog sauce yet but I like to think I can at least handle habanero. Even if it does spice me out I’ll still enjoy it!

The Origin of the Tequila Sunrise

There are a few tequila cocktails that are famous worldwide, and that we serve diligently and proudly at El Camion. The Paloma, the Margarita and, of course, the TEQUILA SUNRISE!


So what’s in this gorgeous drink that makes us think of beaches and tropical islands? Well, it’s tequila, orange, and then a drop of grenadine, making that lovely graduated colour effect. This is where the name Tequila Sunrise comes from.

So where did it originate? People might tell you there are two possibilities, but in actuality, there are two versions of the drink.

In either the 1930s or 40s, Gene Sulit invented the ‘Tequila Sunrise’ at the Arizona Biltmore Hotel. However, this recipe contained tequila, creme de cassis, lime juice and soda water. Not the delicious version we love and adore!

The more popular version that we serve was created in the early 1970s by Bobby Lazoff and Billy Rice while working as young bartenders at The Trident in Sausalito, California. At the time, this bar-restaurant-music venue was the largest outlet for tequila in the USA. And it also seemed to be the place for parties – in 1972 the Rolling Stones kicked off their American tour at a party there and Mick Jagger had a Tequila Sunrise, developed a taste for it, and then started necking them with his whole entourage. As a result they ordered them all across America. Subsequently, in 1973, Jose Cuervo realised this was an opportunity to sell more bottles and put the recipe on the label.


These days they’re still wildly popular, great as a long drink and with a fruity kick. Feel you haven’t had a love affair with the Tequila Sunrise yet? Come in and order one!


The Ultimate Daiquiri

We’re obviously huge cocktail fans here at El Camion – not only have we got the Bradsell duo of Bea and Dick to bring their expertise to the shaker, but we also have an incredible team who are creating exciting libations every day (new cocktail menu coming soon, kids…!)

However, we are well aware that to be successful you also need to deliver the classics, and deliver them well. That’s why our margaritas are so popular, and we also serve a mean daiquiri. Be it strawberry, Hemingway, Frozen or Daiquiri Deluxe they all have one originator – the classic.


So what’s important to remember when mixing a great daiquiri? Well, we’ll let you in on a few secrets.

The Rum: The preferred spirit is “carta blanca”—a Cuban-style white rum—that mixes well in drinks like daiquiris and mojitos. Light, nearly neutral rums with a faint golden tint and clean finish are best.

The Origin: Want to make it as true to the original as possible? Use a Cuban rum. There are two legends as to how the daiquiri came to be created, but both originate in Cuba.


Simplicity: For a delicious and completely natural daiquiri the ingredients should not be messed with too much. Perfection comes from the simplicity of 2 parts rum to one part lime juice and just a tad of sugar to take the edge off. Use the freshest of limes and some sugar syrup made of 2 parts Demerara sugar to 1 part water.


So there you have it – now you should be able to make a great daiquiri at home! Or you could always simply join us in the Pink Chihuahua or El Camion and we’ll whisk you up  treat…

The Tahona Society Competition… we enter!

If there’s another group as passionate about tequila and cocktails as we are at El Camion, then it has to be the Tahona Society. These wonderful chaps are a global network of passionate bartenders, that “sets out to recognise and celebrate the ancient art of true Tequila production – the Tahona.”

We recently wrote about the Tahona stone, and the traditional process of managing the agave plants to produce the sweetest and most premium liquid for the spirits. The Tahona society aim to promote knowledge and understanding of that spirit we know and love so much – tequila. 

In fact, they recently held a competition to create a cocktail with Altos Tequila, and a few of our bartenders entered! The competition involved creating not only a cocktail but creating an ingredient as well and this had to be related to your home region. On the day the competition was broken down into a morning of training followed by a quiz and those that passed the quiz got on to the drinks stage. From El Camion, Josh got through to make his drink!

This is Josh and his drink… (loving the shirt)

We’ll be having an exclusive interview with Josh, all about his exotic looking libation (mmm), so watch this space, and if you see him when you pop in – ask him to make it!


The Origin of the Chihuahua – (Not the pink kind)


Ah, the feisty chihuahua. Small, nimble, slightly bug-eyed, looks great in a sombrero… but why is it associated with tacos and burritos? We’re here to give you a brief history of that tiny little dog we love so much…


The origin of the Chihuahua is slightly murky – history doesn’t have a clear cut answer for where these adorable critters sprung up from. One thing that folklore and science does agree on – they came from Mexico. The Techichi were companion dogs favoured by the Toltec civilization in Mexico, and dog pots from Colima in Mexico, found in tombs which date back to 300 BC, are thought to depict them.


However, the earliest representation of chihuahuas have been unearthed at Tres Zapotes in Veracruz, Mexico, dating from 100AD. It wasn’t just as companion pups though – in a 1520 letter Hernan Cortés wrote that the Aztecs sold the little dogs for food!!! Thank goodness those days are done…


And what about the name? Well, an ancestor of the breed was reputedly found in 1850 in old ruins near Casas Grandes in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The breed was first recognised as a breed in America by the Kennel Club in 1904. Hurrah!



And here are some interesting facts about the wonderful chihuahua:


  • 1) They are officially recognised by the Kennel Club as the smallest breed of dog in the world.
  • 2) Their coats can be long, short, silky or wiry, and any colour at all. Even Chihuahua puppies from the same litter can have very different coats.
  • 3) The Mayans, Aztecs and Toltecs believed yellow Chihuahuas escorted their owners to the afterlife. The dogs were often sacrificed before the owner died so that they would be there waiting. Red Chihuahuas, on the other hand, were believed to take on their owners’ sins and were often sacrificed in their funeral pyres.
  • 4) Chihuahuas have a very long life span for a dog – their average lifespan is ten to eighteen years, but it’s not unusual for a Chihuahua to live for twenty years or more!
  • 5) It’s not just El Camion that has some superb artwork of these little fellas – Bottiicelli included a Chihuahua in his Sistine Chapel fresco, “Scenes from the life of Moses.” If you visit the Chapel, you can find a Chihuahua curled up in a little boy’s arms.


So, that’s a bit of history about the origin of the chihuahua. As for the pink kind? They’re very rare and very special – pop in for a cocktail and maybe we’ll let you in on the legend…