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Artisan Tequila? It’s all about the Tahona Stone

We’re big fans of Olmeca Tequila here at El Camion – chances are if you’ve been drinking in our little bar then you’ll have sipped on this sweet nectar. And if we asked you what the secret ingredient is that makes the drink taste so good, you might say it was the agave. But have you heard about Tahona Liquid? Because, in this instance, it’s pretty important.

So what is Tahona liquid? Well, it’s the special juice that is squeezed out of the cooked Agave piñas by that mystical and ancient tradition…



This is a 2-tonne millstone carved from a single piece of volcanic rock, which takes four months to craft. This means there is always a spare on hand, should a crack appear in one. The guys at Olmeco Altos Tequila have been using the same stone for 12 years with no sign of any such problems, partially due to fact that modern distilleries drive the Tahona Stone around rather than pulling it using a mule.


The process of producing Tahona liquid using the Tahona Stone is a 500-year-old method. By crushing the cooked pinas then it draws out the sweet juice and syrup from the fibres. After this, cultivated yeast is added to turn the agave into alcohol.

So there we are – next time you’re sipping on Olmeca Altos tequila, give a thought to the ancient method that helps give it such a superior taste!

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