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Monthly Archives: September 2014


Woohoo – today is International Coffee Day, and the time to express-o yourself and your love of coffee. And what better place than the actual home of the Espresso Martini!

Dick Bradsell's Espresso Martini Cocktail

Dick Bradsell’s Espresso Martini Cocktail


Feeling Hot, Hot, (Hot Sauce)

We all know what it’s like heading to your local Mexican restaurant for dinner. There are a few things that are pretty much guaranteed – there will be food envy from the person who ordered salad not fajitas; someone will drink too many margaritas and slump into a tequila-coma in the corner; you’ll be fighting for the last guacamole-laden nacho. And also at least two people are going to have a Scoville Sauce-Off.

Chilli saw-ce


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Mexican Independence and Sombrero Lovin’

This week on the 16th September we celebrated Grito de Dolores, Mexico’s Independence Day. Many of us across the globe donned our sombreros with pride, as we filled our glasses with tequila and shouted ‘Viva Mexico!’

He knows the deal with sombreros. You should too.

He knows the deal with sombreros. You should too.


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